DJ Invoice Template


In this article we provide a free downloadable .doc invoice you can send to your clients – plus the information you need to remember if you decide to make your own. Below you’ll find a simple invoice – I have cleared all the fields for your information. You also need to replace your DJ logo if you have one with mine logo. I’ve left it there as a placeholder.

If you’re going to make your own invoice, the most important things not to forget are:

  • You: Act Name, Your address, website, email & phone number.
  • Client: Client Name, Client Address, Event Date.
  • Cost: List your services & a total.
  • Bank Details: Most importantly if you’re being paid electronically, Bank name, sort code, account number and account name should be included.
  • Terms & Conditions: Make it clear in the invoice when and how you want to be paid. This also maybe a good opportunity to include terms and conditions.

If you need to do your accounts on a yearly basis, why not try out our FREE spreadsheet for Income & Taxes.